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How to Fix Tokenization of the ConnectionStrings Section During Web.config Transformation

by Jason Skowronek on 03/14/2014

For whatever reason, a project we've been working on has now decided to start tokenizing the ConnectionStrings settings during the XML Transform task of our build process. As this is the third or fourth time I've run into this, I am documenting it for future reference.


AddNode On a Custom Implementation of StaticSiteMapProvider Throws and Exception: URL is not a valid virtual path

by Jason Skowronek on 02/24/2014

When implementing the ASP.NET StaticSiteMapProvider and attempting call AddNode, passing a node that has an external URL, you will receive the following error

Ektron Notes

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 10/15/2013

Ektron Notes Smart Form XSD Generator: /workarea/webservices/rest.svc/xmlconfigs/{SmartFormDesignId}.xsd

How to Use reCAPTCHA with an ASP.NET UpdatePanel

by Jason Skowronek on 01/18/2013

A consolidated solution to various I found on-line to run the reCAPTCHA ASP.NET validation control inside an UpdatePanel.

How to Restore an Existing XP Mode VHD to a New Installation of Windows 7

(Microsoft Windows) by Jason Skowronek on 01/03/2013

A quick and dirty how-to for easily restoring an Windows XP Mode VHD to a newly installed Windows 7 machine WITHOUT going through the entire "welcome" setup steps XP Mode requires on new installations.

NetSh for Windows OS

by Jason Skowronek on 10/02/2012

Netsh is a command line scripting utility that allows you to, either locally or remotely, display or modify the network configuration of a computer that is currently running. As of late, I've used it to run IIS and Apache on

Facebook Removes App Profile Pages

(Facebook,Social Media) by Jason Skowronek on 01/19/2012

Once again, Facebook has thwarted developers' attempts to build successful applications on their platform by removing the ability to [easily] add application tabs to brand pages.

Ektron CMS400.Net Reserved Files and Folders

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 01/17/2012

The following files and folders are pre installed configured by the Ektron site setup. Most of them can be configured through the web.config. Folders %WebRoot% Assets DMS storage location of public uploaded assets %Drive% %CustomPath% AssetLibrary %SiteName% DMS storage location

How To Use Entity Framework 4 With Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2000

(Microsoft .NET,Microsoft SQL Server,Database) by Jason Skowronek on 11/07/2011

If you are unfortunate enough to have to support applications running on legacy SQL 2000 databases like me, you are probably aware of the limitation of Visual Studio 2010 and Entity Framework 4.0 for SQL Server 2000. There are plenty

System.Uri Properties Reflection

(Microsoft .NET,Microsoft ASP.NET) by Jason Skowronek on 10/07/2011

I felt it would be useful (at least for me) to keep a property map available of the System.Uri class and it's respective values as they relate to a standard URI/URL. This should prove useful when forgetting (which I often do) all the fields and their meanings. The following table reflects a standard formatted UR

Collection of Quick Tool Javascript Bookmarklets

(JavaScript) by Jason Skowronek on 09/30/2011

I've decided to keep tabs on a few bookmarklets I use on a day to day bases. Enjoy.

ASP.NET Implementation of the Google GeoChart Visualization Tools and APIs

by Jason Skowronek on 09/29/2011

ASP.NET Implementation of the Google GeoChart Visualization Tools and APIs I have been digging into the Google Chart Tools lately, and have had the opportunity to utilize a few of them on client projects. This article will offer a rudimentary implementation. The particular chart that is quite useful, especiall

No Items Exist In The List When Defining Custom Data Lists In Content

(Ektron CMS 400.Net,JavaScript) by Jason Skowronek on 09/27/2011

The Ektron knowledgebase contains an article, How To Define Data Lists In Content using smart forms and structured content. These content based lists can be used on smart form templates, html forms, or anywhere else you need structured lists. When attemping to implement this custom logic, you may run into the

How To Disable The Windows Shutdown Event Tracker

(Microsoft Windows) by Jason Skowronek on 09/08/2011

How To Disable The Windows Shutdown Event Tracker

How to Change the Default Height of the Catalog Entry Editor Window in Ektron CMS400.Net

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 04/21/2011

To my knowledge (and patience to find another means), this is the only way to change the default editor height for the catalog entry editor window in the Ektron CMS400.Net workarea. Because, if you have clients like I do, they probably don't like trying to edit entire pages of content in an itty bitty 400px high

The Controls Collection Cannot Be Modified Because The Control Contains Code Blocks

(Microsoft .NET,Microsoft ASP.NET) by Jason Skowronek on 04/07/2011
How to solve the 'The Controls Collection Cannot Be Modified Because The Control Contains Code Blocks' error

Access to the path FileListAbsolute.txt is Denied Error

(Microsoft .NET,Microsoft ASP.NET,Microsoft Team Foundation Server,MSBuild) by Jason Skowronek on 03/18/2011

Over the past day or so, I have been dealing with a quite elusive and frustratingly evil build problem in one of many web projects in our Team Foundation System build environment. Apparently, though we have a rule to excluded the "obj" folder from our commits, someone on the team "somehow" committed the "obj" folder

How To Configure ASP.NET Unit Tests in Visual Studio 2010

(Microsoft .NET,Microsoft ASP.NET,Microsoft Visual Studio) by Jason Skowronek on 02/03/2011

This article demonstrates how to setup a basic unit test project to take care of code coverage of a standard ASP.NET website. This article assumes you have created an ASP.NET Web Application project (not ASP.NET Website). Setup a Unit Test Project Open your solution in Visual Studio 2010 Click Test |

How To Implement a Google Custom Search Engine on an ASP.NET Based Website

(Microsoft .NET,Microsoft ASP.NET,Web Programming,HTML,CSS,JavaScript) by Jason Skowronek on 01/20/2011

This article demonstrates a basic implementation of a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) on an ASP.NET based website. Create and Configure a Custom Search Engine Log in and create a custom search engine account . Standard edition is free, but requires that you display the ads on the results pages. Site Searc

Fixing That Annoying 'Attach Security Warning' Message on Windows 7

(Microsoft Windows,Microsoft Visual Studio) by Jason Skowronek on 01/06/2011
I have had to deal with the annoying "Attach Security Warning" dialog more than once over the past year. As such, I am writing this to remind myself, and assist others that may run across it, on how to fix the warning message when manually attaching the Visual Studio (2008 and 2010) debugger to the web processes in Windows 7.

Robocopy Job Template

(Ektron CMS 400.Net,Microsoft Windows,Microsoft ASP.NET,Web Programming) by Jason Skowronek on 12/31/2010

When not using a full MSBuild deployment, I leverage the Windows Robocopy utility to deploy website files. I have put together a job template for reference and general use. Enjoy. :: Source Directory : /sd:c:\%SOURCE_PATH% :: Source Directory. :: Destination Directory : /dd:c:\%DEST_PATH% :: Destination Dir

Search Engine Optimization Reference

(SEO) by Jason Skowronek on 10/04/2010

Search Engine Optimization Reference v.01, October 4, 2010 There are hundreds if not thousands of references regarding website search engine optimization. I have opted to compile and maintain my own core reference which will be used as the "base" recommendation for websites on which I work. General Techniques

Visio Macro To List Document Tabs

(Microsoft Visio,Microsoft VBA) by Jason Skowronek on 06/17/2010

Some I wrote up quickly to throw a sequential list of all the tabs (pages) of a Microsoft Visio document into a Shape (e.g. table of contents). Create your overview page Drop a shape onto the canvas Open the shape

Helpful Sql Scripts for Ektron CMS 400.Net

by Jason Skowronek on 06/12/2010

Helpful Sql Scripts for Ektron CMS 400.Net A compilation of various SQL scripts I have acquired, modified or written myself to perform various tasks not possible through the workarea (at least as of 8.0). Disclaimer if you are downloading and

How to Programmatically Enable ThickBox Functionality in Ektron CMS 400.Net

(Ektron CMS 400.Net,Web Programming,CSS,JavaScript,AJAX) by Jason Skowronek on 04/09/2010
Ektron CMS 400.Net includes a proprietary version of jQuery to handle most if not all its DHTML/AJAX client-side requirements. I wanted to demonstrate how a developer could leverage the out-of-box ThickBox (lightbox, etc.) functionality that is used throughout the Ektron components.

CMS400-Plugin Event Log Errors

(Ektron CMS 400.Net,Microsoft Windows) by Jason Skowronek on 04/08/2010

Ektron has a snazzy plug-in framework that allows developers to write applications that hook directly into the CMS event model, thereby allowing us to create our own logic that is handled inline, alongside, within the CMS's.

If you have installed the Ektron Developer SDK as part of your core platform installation, this service will run automatically and has a couple of default plug-ins (Google, etc.) that run after installation.

The problem is that out of the box, these modules are not configured, so every time someone does anything in the work area that causes the plug-ins to fire, you may get errors.

TortoiseSVN Global Ignore Pattern

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 04/07/2010
I use Subversion as my version control system both at work and at home. To interact with the various Subversion repositories, I use TortoiseSVN, a SCM / source control software for Microsoft Windows and possibly the best standalone Subversion client there is. Over the years I have amassed a somewhat lengthy global ignore pattern used to prevent unversioned files from showing up in the commit dialog.

How To Shrink or Clear Out Large SQL Server Log Files

(Microsoft SQL Server) by Jason Skowronek on 04/06/2010
While migrating our database server environment, I was reminded how huge SQL Server transaction log files can get. Of course in a development environment, transaction logs are irrelivant, so prior to migrating it is always best to truncate the log files as not to move GIGs of log files. These are the ways I am aware of to do such a thing.

How to Enable Aliases With Localized Content

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 03/27/2010
By default, the disable language awareness flag is "disabled" (ironic). By enabling this flag, the content for the specific language will display based the alias of the default language content block.

Online Project Management Systems

(Recommendation,Review,List,Web Software) by Jason Skowronek on 03/09/2010
I have been asked on more than one occasion what online project management solution I would recommend. After emailing this list time over, I have decided to post it, permanently, on my site. For now, most of my ratings are

Ektron CMS400.Net Purge Content and Asset History Utility

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 03/09/2010
If you are stuck with a DMS heavy CMS instance, with very limited disk-space, you need to read this.

How to Run IIS and Apache on the Same Machine

(Microsoft IIS,Web Programming,Apache HTTP Server) by Jason Skowronek on 03/02/2010

I have decided to consolidate various how-to's on configuringApacheIIS

andto run on the same machine but on different IP addresses.

Ektron CMS400.NET Helper Utilities

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 03/01/2010
In hopes to get these utilities in the public (and search engine) lime-light, I am posting the content of the Utilities.doc file of the CMS 400.Net program folder. If you are not familiar with these (as I myself haven't even taken advantage of all of them yet), I would urge that you at least read over this so you are familiar with them and what they do.

Ektron CMS400.Net Search

(Ektron CMS 400.Net,Microsoft Windows) by Jason Skowronek on 02/17/2010
I've decided to start maintain a repository for things I encounter with Ektron CMS400.Net Search. This includes system issues, programming issues, and cross platform issues. I plan on maintaining this over time. Indesing Services Friendly Names File Includes all custom

Ektron CMS400.Net eSync

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 02/12/2010
The goal of this article is to ease the burden of troubleshooting other esync implementations out there by documenting various undocumented aspects of Ektron CMS400.Net's esync platform. Perhaps someone at Ektron will write a better explanation than this, but for now, I have not been able to locate anything better.

Ektron eSync Error Generating Security Certificates

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 02/04/2010

While setting up another client esync configuration tonight we ran into the following error. It appears right after you click to add an esync relationship, before getting references to any local security cerficates in the drop down The communication object,

Ektron eSync Failing With Faulted State Error Message

by Jason Skowronek on 01/09/2010
Today, I had the unforunate event of dealing with a failed Ektron eSync job. Also unfortunate was the fact that the error message doesn't stay up long enough to even figure out something went wrong. If you're not paying attention

Ektron Upgrade on Replicated SQL Server Instance

(Ektron CMS,Microsoft SQL Server) by Jason Skowronek on 11/17/2009

I ran into an interesting situation this evening while prototyping an Ektron upgrade for a client. After running the site upgrade utility on my local instance, the DB upgrade portion of the upgrade process failed miserably. A slew of pop

Progressive Solution for Handling Browsers That Have Disabled JavaScript for Your Web Site

(Web Programming,HTML,CSS,Web Design,JavaScript) by Jason Skowronek on 11/09/2009

Anyone that uses Firefox as their default web browser and has the NoScript add on enabled (if you don't I would highly recommend that you install it post haste) can attest to the terrible implementations of web sites that do

How to Take an IIS Web Site Offline

(Microsoft .NET,Microsoft IIS,Microsoft ASP.NET) by Jason Skowronek on 10/27/2009

Use the following methods to put an IIS web site into off line or maintenance mode. App_Offline.htm Static Override Page (prefered) Adding a file in the application root named App_Offline.htm automatically causes the AppDomain to recycle and modifies its behavior

How To Disable Ektron Modules and Handlers in IIS 7 Virtual Applications

(Ektron CMS 400.Net,Microsoft IIS,Microsoft ASP.NET) by Jason Skowronek on 10/21/2009
I recently came across a scenario where we had to configure a separate virtual application under our Ektron site. As you are aware, Ektron is heavy with it's own HttpHandlers and modules. This is the contents of a bare-bones web.config file you can drop into your virtual application directory to disable the offending Ektron DLLs from running and failing.

How to Enable SMTP Authentication for Outlook 2007

(Microsoft Office) by Jason Skowronek on 10/06/2009

This article explains how to enable SMTP authentication for outbound e mail in Microsoft Outlook. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 From the ribbon menu click Tools | Account Settings… Click the E mail tab Select the account to be modified and

Redirect Reference for Microsoft IIS 6.0

(Microsoft Windows,Microsoft IIS) by Jason Skowronek on 10/01/2009
While assisting with a client deployment, I ran across a redirect web site that had the redirect URL that included wildcards. Yes, wildcards I tell you.

Leverage machine.config.comments to Learn How to Configure Your ASP.NET Web Sites

(Microsoft Windows,Microsoft IIS,Microsoft ASP.NET) by Jason Skowronek on 10/01/2009

As one who is constantly having to deal with the web.config and on occasion the machine.config, I have found referencing the machine.config.comments indispensible. As such, I have decided to upload and host an accessible version the 2.0 configuration folder (C

Script to Start-Stop All Running Ektron Services on Local Workstation

(Ektron CMS,Microsoft Windows,Microsoft IIS,Microsoft ASP.NET) by Jason Skowronek on 09/25/2009

Script to Start Stop All Running Ektron Services on Local Workstation Anyone that develops on Ektron knows just how resource intensive the locally run Windows services can be. After manually stopping and starting all three of them every time I

Salesforce.com Web-To-Lead C# Class

(Salesforce.com,Microsoft .NET) by Jason Skowronek on 09/24/2009
Over the years I have done numerous Salesforce.com web projects using their API's and APEX libraries. I wrote this class library to do quick and dirty web to lead submissions without having to do clunky form redirects to their out.

PHP Flickr Photo Rotator Class

(PHP) by Jason Skowronek on 09/09/2009

Last year I was approached by an old work associate buddy who needed someone to program a basic photo display web component that he could use with a WordPress blog site he was designing. Since I am pretty decent at WordPress,

Web Page Layout

by Jason Skowronek on 09/08/2009

Web Page Layout A web page layout refers to the structural design of a web page being served up on the World Wide Web. There are various key sections or components that make up the core layout of a web

Breaking HttpModule Inheritance - InheritInChildApplications

(Microsoft .NET,Microsoft ASP.NET,Web Programming) by Jason Skowronek on 08/20/2009

Ran into a situation with root IIS applications sites squatting sub applications' configuration (HttpModule's specifically). Here is how to disable the inheritance. <location inheritInChildApplications="false"> <system.web> ... < system.web> < location> SectionInformation.InheritInChildApplications Property

Generic JavaScript Page onLoad Event Handler

(Web Programming) by Jason Skowronek on 08/18/2009

setup onload function if(typeof window.addEventListener = 'undefined') .. gecko, safari, konqueror and standard window.addEventListener('load', generic, false) else if(typeof document.addEventListener = 'undefined')

How to Take a Screenshot of a Windows Media Video Movie

by Jason Skowronek on 08/13/2009

I can count on one hand how many times I have had to do this over the past few years, but each time it takes considerable effort to "reacall" how to replicate. Apparently, by default, Windows Media Player enables what's

Tips to Protect Yourself From Phishing Schemes

(Identity Theft) by Jason Skowronek on 07/26/2009

Never provide your personal information when responding to an unsolicited email request, no matter how legitimate the communication may look. Whether by phone, email or internet site, data created by phishers may look like the real thing. If you

How to Configure Custom QuickLinks in Ektron

by Jason Skowronek on 07/26/2009

While prototyping a custom DMS asset handler today I managed to locate actual instructions on configuring your own QuickLink handlers for specific assets. However confusing it may be that these instructions were found in the “Users Manual”, I am just

How to Convert .NET DateTime to UNIX Timestamp

(Microsoft .NET) by Jason Skowronek on 07/26/2009

How to convert .NET DateTime to UNIX timestamp (as in PHP, etc.)int timestamp = (DateTime.UtcNow new DateTime(1970,1,1,0,0,0)).TotalSecondsand convert a Unix timestamp to an ASP.NET DateTime value DateTime date = (new DateTime(1970,1,1,0,0,0)).AddSeconds(datestamp)

Encoding and Downloading FLV Media

(Adobe Flash) by Jason Skowronek on 07/26/2009

One of the greatest features of Flash is the ability to encode video for online playback. For those that have not done this, the quick notes version Create a blank Flash movie (somewhere near the dimensions of the source video)

Ektron API to Access Localization Tag

(Ektron CMS) by Jason Skowronek on 07/26/2009

I ran across an interesting API library deep in the Ektron API framework that allows you to pull the actual localization tag (e.g. en US, en GB, etc.) for the current language type id of the site (e.g. 1033, 2058,

How to Delete a Windows Service

(Microsoft Windows) by Jason Skowronek on 07/26/2009

I have used the service controller command line tool for years. I have finally decided to write something up on it briefly since I have been working with various frameworks systems that are not completely removing their services after uninstalling

Ektron Issues with Redirecting Submitted Form Data

by Jason Skowronek on 07/25/2009

I have been architecting, designing, and programming Ektron CMS400.NET web applications for over a year now. Though not an expert, I feel I am to the point I can actually add value to other programmers architects who may be running

SharePoint Wiki Homepage Not Working

(Microsoft SharePoint) by Jason Skowronek on 07/25/2009

I ran into an issue when migrating a SharePoint Wiki list from one site to another. In creating a Wiki list based on a saved template (with content) the default home document was broken or not being set. So the


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