How to Fix Tokenization of the ConnectionStrings Section During Web.config Transformation

by Jason Skowronek on 03/14/2014

For whatever reason, a project we've been working on has now decided to start tokenizing the ConnectionStrings settings during the XML Transform task of our build process. As this is the third or fourth time I've run into this, I am documenting it for future reference.


AddNode On a Custom Implementation of StaticSiteMapProvider Throws and Exception: URL is not a valid virtual path

by Jason Skowronek on 02/24/2014

When implementing the ASP.NET StaticSiteMapProvider and attempting call AddNode, passing a node that has an external URL, you will receive the following error

Ektron Notes

(Ektron CMS 400.Net) by Jason Skowronek on 10/15/2013

Ektron Notes Smart Form XSD Generator: /workarea/webservices/rest.svc/xmlconfigs/{SmartFormDesignId}.xsd

How to Use reCAPTCHA with an ASP.NET UpdatePanel

by Jason Skowronek on 01/18/2013

A consolidated solution to various I found on-line to run the reCAPTCHA ASP.NET validation control inside an UpdatePanel.

How to Restore an Existing XP Mode VHD to a New Installation of Windows 7

(Microsoft Windows) by Jason Skowronek on 01/03/2013

A quick and dirty how-to for easily restoring an Windows XP Mode VHD to a newly installed Windows 7 machine WITHOUT going through the entire "welcome" setup steps XP Mode requires on new installations.

NetSh for Windows OS

by Jason Skowronek on 10/02/2012

Netsh is a command line scripting utility that allows you to, either locally or remotely, display or modify the network configuration of a computer that is currently running. As of late, I've used it to run IIS and Apache on

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